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Tips for taking Altrient

If you have heard me talking about Altrient, a type of liposome vitamin C supplement, you may also have heard me say that, while I find it perfectly easy to take these days, some people really struggle with its taste and texture.

Altrient comes in a little sachet containing a gel which emerges in a gloopy mass that I described in my original article about it as resembling “orange snot”. In fact, I think it was Caroline Hirons who said that before I did, but the phrase has stuck with me.  

So why would you want to drink something like that, you may ask? Well, the benefits of taking Altrient, of which there are many, not least for your skin, far outweigh any unpleasantness in getting it down the hatch. You can see me taking it and find out more about the trial I did in this video. 

The first time I took it I squeezed it into a small amount of water, swilled it around and gulped it down. It didn’t taste good the first time but I have now almost learned to like it. In fact, I eat it straight out of the packet now because it is easier and quicker and I don’t mind it. With practice, you can pretty well shoot the whole thing down without touching your taste buds, however, if you are struggle to take it but want to reap the benefits of doing so then, here’s a tip from one of the world’s leading experts on vitamin C – Dr Thomas Levy.

“It has got a distinct oily type of taste – you are either not bothered by it or you are bothered by it. If you are bothered by it, take any kind of juice, just a tiny amount, swirl it around and knock it down. You don’t even know you took it. If you are really sensitive, you put it in a little tomato juice and you can’t taste anything.”

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This tip is particularly good if you are also taking the Altrient B complex, which even I find difficult to swallow, without really psyching myself up first.

It has a very strong taste but in Dr Levy’s words: “boy, does it pack a wallop”.

I have learned to be very respectful of that and to not have it on an empty stomach or anything like that. You have got to treat it with a lot of respect. It also contains niacin, so if you take that, be mindful you could get a red face.

Dr Levy explains, “Niacin vasodilates sometimes 15 minutes after you take the liposome B complex your face is beet red. It’s because of the niacin.”

So, if you are taking Altrient’s liposome supplements, either the vitamin C  or the B complex and you are struggling with the taste, texture or both, remember, try it first with a small amount of fruit juice and if you are still struggling, tomato juice is the way forward.


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