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Category: Tweakments

Tweak of the Week: microneedling with SkinPen Precision

  Clinical microneedling is an increasingly popular treatment for all round improvement of the skin. Needling stimulates the wound-healing response in the skin, which results in the growth of new collagen which makes skin firmer, and improves skin.

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All I want is ‘this’ little change.

We've all tried it. We've all looked in the mirror, put our fingers on our cheekbones and pulled the skin up and back a bit.... It seems like such a tiny change which would make all the difference in our faces. Surely, all we need to do is find a.

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Let's talk about... Large pores

We can all get a bit obsessed about our pores — that they're too large or too obvious. You can't get rid of your pores — your skin needs them! — but there is plenty you can do to keep them clean and make them look less obvious; and guess what,.

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How much should I be bothered?

In this job, one of the occupational hazards is that I am always being told by practitioners what I could do to my face, to improve it (thanks guys!) What do they suggest? Well, here goes.

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The Tweakments Clinic returns in February 2020

Heads up for my next Tweakments Clinic event, which will be on Tuesday, 25th February in association with the globally renowned Dr Rita Rakus Clinic.

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Tweakment review: Kleresca skin rejuvenation

Anyone for fluorescent light rejuvenation? Regular readers of my content will know I'm a fan of the way red light can regenerate and heal the skin. So I was intrigued to hear of a blue-light treatment that claims great results for rejuvenating the.

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PRP under the eyes, with Dr Kambiz Golchin | TTG x Healthista

If you've heard of PRP, you may know it as the key ingredient in 'the Vampire Facial'. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, and it is obtained from a sample of your own blood, and is reinjected into the part of the skin that needs rejuvenation. Why?.

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The secret's out - it's time to talk tweakments...

There was a time when tweakments were the preserve of celebrities - though you would be hard pressed to find one who would admit to it. Nowadays, the conversation has moved on and tweakments – aka non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Botox, fillers.

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TOTW Ep 10: CACI, the muscle-stimulating facial

Is there a way to stop the face from sagging which is totally non-invasive yet gives an impressive result?  For this week’s Tweak of the Week, I take a closer look at CACI, the well-known and much-loved treatment that tones facial muscles with.

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7 celebrities who have had anti-wrinkle injections

We're all fascinated by what tweakments celebrities have had and most of them are very cagey about admitting that they have ever had anti wrinkle injections. Many of them fall into a category I'd call “the Botox deniers”. What does that mean?

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