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Category: Tweak of the week

Tweak of the Week: Trying the Environ Essential Youth Reset treatment

You see facials on offer everywhere, but what about an advanced medical facial that uses high-end skincare and sophisticated technology to drive the active ingredients deep into the skin? In this week's Tweak of the Week, I went to the Skin.

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Tweak of the Week: microneedling with SkinPen Precision

  Clinical microneedling is an increasingly popular treatment for all round improvement of the skin. Needling stimulates the wound-healing response in the skin, which results in the growth of new collagen which makes skin firmer, and improves skin.

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TOTW  Ep 11 - Intraceuticals, the glow-boosting facial

If your skin is feeling dry and lacklustre, can it be coaxed into healthy, glowing, red-carpet-ready condition in the space of an hour?  The answer is - yes, with an Intraceuticals facial, which uses a spray of pressurised oxygen to drive a series.

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TOTW Ep 8: Tear trough filler for under-eye hollows

Sunken hollows beneath the eyes are the bane of many people’s lives and can give you an ‘always tired’ look. They come about due to a loss of volume in the under-eye area, also called the ‘tear trough’. Careful placement of a lightweight filler gel.

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Tweak of the week: the thread lift

When your face is starting to sag, but you’re not ready for a face lift, which tweakment can bridge the gap? Increasingly, cosmetic doctors are offering thread lifts as an 'in-between' procedure. These take a very different and more direct approach.

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TOTW- the 'happy chair' that builds your pelvic floor

This week’s Tweak of the Week is something rather different. It’s not a face treatment, in fact it’s not a beautifying aesthetic treatment at all, but something more fundamental. The Emsella chair uses the latest technology - high intensity focussed.

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TOTW: full face rejuvenation with longer-lasting injectable filler

So, what do you do when you look at your face and feel that it's not just a question of softening the odd line or two - but that everything needs fixing? Well, if you were up for it, and didn't mind needles and had the budget, you could opt for.

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Tweak of the Week - reshaping a weak chin

If your genes have landed you with a weak chin, the sort that looks as if it is set back in the face so that it is receding, you used to be stuck with it, unless you were prepared for drastic surgery. Now, though, there is a tweakment option to fix.

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Tweak of the Week: the face-contouring radiofrequency facial

It takes less than an hour, gives your face an instant lift and offers the potential for lasting improvement, and generally sounds too good to be true. So what is a 'radiofrequency facial' and how does it work?  

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Tweak of the Week: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, more widely known as a nose job, is one of the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedures around. However, rhinoplasty doesn’t come cheap and can involve considerable downtime, which is why an increasing number of people are.

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