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Category: Supplements

Tips for taking Altrient

If you have heard me talking about Altrient, a type of liposome vitamin C supplement, you may also have heard me say that, while I find it perfectly easy to take these days, some people really struggle with its taste and texture.

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What is liposomal vitamin C and why is it different from other vitamin C supplements?

Those of you who follow me will know that I got very interested in liposomal vitamin C a couple of years ago when a brand called Altrient put me through a trial to see whether taking lots of their particular vitamin C would actually improve my skin.

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The essential fatty acids your skin can't do without

  We know that omega-3 supplements such as fish oils offer a wide range of benefits -  but did you know just how great they are for our skin?

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Can vitamin C get rid of a cold?

If you are anything like me, you grew up believing that you should take vitamin C supplements whenever you were feeling a bit under the weather, in order to ward off coughs, colds and the like.

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Three things you may not know about Altrient vitamin C

I have written a lot about Altrient liposomal vitamin C since I first tried it a couple of years ago but even I am still learning about its capabilities. Here’s a few of the things you may not now about Altreint that I discovered during a recent.

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Does vitamin c help hair growth?

I am a huge fan of vitamin C and have been taking the supplement Altrient for a couple of years now. 

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The four supplements you should be taking, according to a world-leading expert

Supplements. Where to start? There are so many out there, each with its own individual benefits and so deciding which ones to take, without breaking the bank and simply creating expensive urine, can be a minefield.

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