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Category: Skincare concerns

The essential fatty acids your skin can't do without

  We know that omega-3 supplements such as fish oils offer a wide range of benefits -  but did you know just how great they are for our skin?

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Winter skin flare-ups - what the dermatologist advises

  When the cold weather hits and winter bites, our skin can react badly, as consultant dermatologist Dr Natalia Spierings knows.  From the plummeting temperatures and icy winds outside to the central heating and hot showers and baths we take for.

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My new skincare book - in the Telegraph


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Here's my new book - and it's all about skincare

OK, deep breath, I've written another book. It's called Start with Skincare, because, even if you're thinking about tweakments, you need to get your skin in great shape first. 

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Let's talk about... Rosacea

  Rosacea is a skin condition where you see flushing and redness in the face - if that sounds a bit vague, it's because rosacea can range from the odd blush-type flush that comes on when you've had a glass or two or wine, to a persistent redness.

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