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Category: Phototherapy

Answering your Dermalux Flex questions - part three

In this part of my Q&A with Louise Taylor, co-founder of Dermalux, we get into more specific questions - is LED light therapy OK for sensitive skin? Can it help to manage melasma? And why is LED light good for the skin when so many types of light.

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Answering your Dermalux Flex Questions - part two

Following on from the first part of my conversation with Louise Taylor, who is co-founder of both the Dermalux brand and of Aesthetic Technology, the company that manufactures the devices, here are more of the questions that were sent in for the.

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Answering your questions about Dermalux Flex - part one

  Can you really rejuvenate your skin, at home, with nothing more than light? I have been trying out the Dermalux Flex, the most powerful home-use LED device available, that uses clinic-standard LED light technology, since April 2020. The company.

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Meet the Dermalux Flex MD

  Nosing around last weekend at Aesthetic Medicine Live, an expo which is one of the highlights of the UK tweakments-industry calender, I found this extraordinary new piece of aesthetic technology on the Dermalux stand.

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