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Does microneedling work?

  Microneedling is one of those tweakments that has been around for so long that it tends to be overlooked in favour of newer, trendier or more exciting-sounding procedures, but here's the thing: microneedling really works. Here's what you need to.

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What is liposomal vitamin C and why is it different from other vitamin C supplements?

Those of you who follow me will know that I got very interested in liposomal vitamin C a couple of years ago when a brand called Altrient put me through a trial to see whether taking lots of their particular vitamin C would actually improve my skin.

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Will the Covid-19 vaccine make my fillers swell up?

Over the past few months there have been headlines linking Covid-19 vaccines to problems with dermal fillers. I know lots of you have seen them, because, as the nationwide vaccination programme continues to roll out and the tweakments clinics.

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The essential fatty acids your skin can't do without

  We know that omega-3 supplements such as fish oils offer a wide range of benefits -  but did you know just how great they are for our skin?

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Those Judy Murray before-and-after photos – what’s the fuss?

  So, after all the coverage of Judy Murray's amazing transformation the other week, there's been a lot of discussion – sometimes quite heated discussion –  around the results.

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How much vitamin C is too much?

One thing that has always stuck with me is the idea that taking too much of a supplement can lead to expensive urine and not much more. In some cases overdoing on vitamins can also actually be dangerous, so how much is too much?

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