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Let's Talk About... Marionette Lines

I'm getting a lot of questions about marionette lines at the moment -- the lines that drop from the outer corners of our mouths straight down towards our chin. Maybe that's because we're all more gloomy than usual during lockdown, and are catching.

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Does microneedling hurt?

I don't want to put you off this brilliant treatment but... yes, it's not the most comfortable, though the amount it hurts depends on how it’s done. There are two ways of microneedling - you can either have a spiky roller, or a motorised pen with an.

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Let's talk about... Crow's Feet Wrinkles

You might call them smile lines, you might call them 'crow's feet', but more to the point, what can you do about them? The skin around the eyes is thin and wrinkles easily, so few of us are going to escape the fine lines that settle in to this area..

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Camouflage makeup with Annabel Jardella

Proper camouflage or 'cover-up' make-up, the sort that can conceal burns  and birthmarks as well as spots and scarring, is a real art, and Annabel Jardella has made it her speciality. Last year, she began developing a way of offering her popular.

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Let's talk about... Frown lines

Today, I'm talking about frown lines. Now, we all know what frown lines are, they are when we make an expression or frown, these little lines settle in. But these are what make people first start thinking about tweakments, when they see these lines.

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