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Let's talk about... Acne Scarring

When you're left with scars after the acne breakouts have retreated, what are your best options for treatment, and which ones will give the best results?    This video will give you a quick overview of the options - and there’s a heap more.

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Let's talk about... Pigmentation

Pigmentation is right up the top of the list of things that bother us about our skin - particularly for anyone with darker skin. It's a big old topic and a very widespread issue - but the good news is that there is a lot that you can do about it..

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Tweak of the Week: Facial Sculpting with Teoxane

Why are more midlife men are turning to injectable fillers? If you ask Dr Benji Dhillon of the Define Clinic it is because they are realising just what impressive and natural-looking results you can get. The rise in male tweakments is definitely a.

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What is... Prejuvenation?

Today I'm talking about prejuvenation, it’s the idea that if you start doing tweakments early, like in your twenties, and you have a little bit of wrinkle-relaxing toxin to stop the wrinkles setting in, then they won’t really develop so you won’t.

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Tweak of the Week: Tummy Tightening with StimSure

There's a big trend for tweakments that strengthen muscles using electro-magnetic pulses which can build abs, lift the butt, strengthen calves and firm up bingo wings... To try the new StimSure machine from Cynosure, I went to see Dr Joney de Souza.

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Let's talk about... Acne

Acne. It's one of the things we most associate with our teenage years, but for many people it isn't something that stops after puberty.  It is particularly tough if you go on suffering with it as an adult... and then for mid-life women, it seems.

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Tweak of the Week: my stem-cell assisted fat transfer procedure

Back before Christmas, I tried a major facial rejuvenation procedure which involved having fat removed from my thighs, mined for its stem cells, then re-injected into my face.  This is a procedure that uses stem cells and fat taken from your own.

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Meet the Dermalux Flex MD

  Nosing around last weekend at Aesthetic Medicine Live, an expo which is one of the highlights of the UK tweakments-industry calender, I found this extraordinary new piece of aesthetic technology on the Dermalux stand.

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Let's talk about... Barcode lip lines

Today, I'm talking about barcode lip lines, which are these tiny lines you get around the top lip or lipstick lines, you might call them. But what can you do about them? Because they're small, but they're really annoying.

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