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Why does the neck age so fast?

  The neck is a real giveaway of ageing because the skin on the neck is really thin and has very few oil glands, so it gets dry very, very quickly. It doesn't help that we are always stretching and

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TTG x Healthista - Ultherapy, with Dr Tracy Mountford

  What can you do for skin that is starting to sag, without opting for invasive treatment or surgery? I talked to Dr Tracy Mountford about Ultherapy, and what this tweakment can offer, for Healthista.com. 

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TTG x Healthista - Cellfina, the cellulite refiner

  This week for Healthista's Transformation series, I am talking about Cellfina with Dr Tiago Guimares of the Sthetix clinic in Liverpool. He is an aesthetic surgeon who is treating cellulite in an entirely new way, with a procedure called Cellfina. 

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TTG x Healthista - talking EMsculpt, with Dr Rita Rakus

  What can the world of tweakments offer to improve the stomach area - the zone of the body that people are the most keen to work on, according to research from Mintel? The first episode of Healthista's Transformation Tuesday Tweakments series, for.

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TTG x Healthista - Profhilo, the injectable moisture jab

      In this week’s  Healthista x TTG Transformation Tuesday Tweakments series, I’m discussing the Profhilo phenomenon with Dr Vicky Dondos, who runs the Medicetics clinic in central London .

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Why Do People Deny Having Tweakments?

Most people still do deny having tweakments - even when, to anyone with sharp eyes, it is perfectly obvious that they have done something to their face. Now, why would that be, do you think? There's a number of reasons.

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