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Trying the Silke hair wrap

1930s style: the Silke hair wrap is styled like a turban

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Cycling in an infrared sauna, anyone?

Zerofat. Yes, those infrared heaters are making me glow from the inside 

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Luscious lips, Olay Skin Advisor and Alpha-H glycolic wipes

The latest lip booster

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The smartphone-controlled face mask

Hooked up to the plug-and-play smartphone facemask. Do I look a bit freaked?

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Proskins, the hair regime, spring make-up and Zerofat

Giving the new Proskins kit a whirl

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Mesotherapy at Medicetics

It's known as 'skin-prick rejuvenation' and in France it's seen as a fairly standard, minimally invasive treatment for perking up the skin - and it is finally catching on in the UK. But when people discover it involves having a cocktail of vitamins.

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Spray on sunscreen, double cleansing + high tech beauty

This week I've been skipping round town catching as many of the new product launches as possible - there seem to be dozens just now.

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