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Tips for taking Altrient

Can a laser as fine as a human hair tighten jowls and sagging lower lids?

What's the buzz about radiofrequency microneedling?

Does microneedling work?

What is liposomal vitamin C and why is it different from other vitamin C supplements?

Will the Covid-19 vaccine make my fillers swell up?

The essential fatty acids your skin can't do without

Those Judy Murray before-and-after photos – what’s the fuss?

How much vitamin C is too much?

Vitamin C serums and supplements: do you need both?

Why stem cells are finding their way into skincare

Should young women be having tweakments?

Can vitamin C get rid of a cold?

Yes, Collagen Supplements Will Smooth Your Skin

Winter skin flare-ups - what the dermatologist advises

Yes, I wear sunscreen in winter. Here's why.

Three things you may not know about Altrient vitamin C

Does vitamin c help hair growth?

Tweak of the Week: Using Hyalgen Serum™ to enhance skin rejuvenating energy treatments

The four supplements you should be taking, according to a world-leading expert

Answering your Dermalux Flex questions - part three

Introducing... skincare bundles! Now available in the TTG shop

Answering your Dermalux Flex Questions - part two

Answering your questions about Dermalux Flex - part one

Tweak of the Week: Facial lifting and tightening with Cutera

How the Dermalux Flex MD made my skin 9 years younger

What are 'cosmeceuticals'?

My new skincare book - in the Telegraph

Here's my new book - and it's all about skincare

Talking about Botox on BBC Woman's Hour

TTG Review of BBC1: The Truth about Cosmetic Treatments

Let's talk about... Marginal Gains in tweakments

As clinics reopen - what's the new normal for tweakments?

Beauty gadgets: what are the best home use devices?

Let's Talk About... Marionette Lines

Does microneedling hurt?

Let's talk about... Crow's Feet Wrinkles

Camouflage makeup with Annabel Jardella

Let's talk about... Frown lines

Let's talk about... Acne Scarring

Let's talk about... Pigmentation

Tweak of the Week: Facial Sculpting with Teoxane

What is... Prejuvenation?

Tweak of the Week: Tummy Tightening with StimSure

Let's talk about... Acne

Tweak of the Week: my stem-cell assisted fat transfer procedure

Meet the Dermalux Flex MD

Let's talk about... Barcode lip lines

Tweak of the Week: Improving hydration and remodelling the skin using Profhilo

Let's Talk About.... Thread Veins

Tweak of the Week: Lip Enhancement by Dr Kate Goldie with BELOTERO® Lips

Tweak of the Week: Trying the Environ Essential Youth Reset treatment

Tweak of the Week: Microneedling with SkinPen Precision

Let's talk about... Rosacea

Tweak of the Week: Emsculpt at the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic

Tweak of the Week: improving older hands with injectable filler

All I want is ‘this’ little change.

What does Botox feel like when it starts to work?

Let's talk about... Large pores

Is it too late for Botox?

What is dermaplaning?

How to pick the right practitioner for Botox

How much should I be bothered?

5 common misconceptions about anti-wrinkle injections

The Tweakments Clinic returns in February 2020

Let's talk about... jowls and double chins

Tweakment review: Kleresca skin rejuvenation

Let's talk about... Collagen supplements

Tweakments are not Christmas presents

Let's Talk About.... dark circles under the eyes

PRP under the eyes, with Dr Kambiz Golchin | TTG x Healthista

What is collagen banking?

TOTW  Ep 11 - Intraceuticals, the glow-boosting facial

The secret's out - it's time to talk tweakments...

TOTW Ep 10: CACI, the muscle-stimulating facial

What are anti-wrinkle injections?

TOTW Ep 8: Tear trough filler for under-eye hollows

TOTW: Ep 7, Lifting the face with Ultracel, with Dr Rita Rakus

What are the benefits of anti-wrinkle injections?

TTG x Healthista: Kambiz Golchin and The Knightsbridge Lift

Announcing: The Tweakments Clinic

Alice Meets: Sharon Bennett

7 celebrities who have had anti-wrinkle injections

Tweak of the week: the thread lift

What's the best injection for wrinkles?

Ageing Gracefully? Not Me!

Alice meets: Dr Paul Nassif

What is the Difference Between Botox and Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Does Botox get rid of 11s?

TOTW- the 'happy chair' that builds your pelvic floor

5 questions to ask before getting Botox

TOTW: full face rejuvenation with longer-lasting injectable filler

Tweak of the Week - reshaping a weak chin

The Pre-Tweakment Checklist

Tweak of the Week: the face-contouring radiofrequency facial

How long does Botox last?

Tweak of the Week: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

For safety's sake - sign this petition

What is a Skin Peel?

Tweak of the Week - see tweakments in action!

Why does the neck age so fast?

TTG x Healthista - Ultherapy, with Dr Tracy Mountford

TTG x Healthista - Cellfina, the cellulite refiner

TTG x Healthista - talking EMsculpt, with Dr Rita Rakus

TTG x Healthista - Profhilo, the injectable moisture jab

Why Do People Deny Having Tweakments?

TTG x Healthista - new series

How long do anti wrinkle injections last?

What is the difference between Botox and Filler?

Can Profhilo injections soften neck wrinkles?

Why you want to be a plum (not a prune)

Why I get so annoyed by the Botox deniers

My new book - The Tweakments Guide

What is Botox?

The rise of the cookie-cutter beauty look #LoveIsland

The recipe for a fresher face

The wrinkle-busting 'Pranic' facial

Screening aesthetic patients for BDD

Four things I learned from Britain’s top cosmetic doctors

Can this Vitamin C supplement do as much for your face as skincare?

Four things I learned from Britain’s top cosmetic doctors

Should you try Botox and fillers at Superdrug?

Treating my crepey neck - with Profhilo and Aliaxin

Organic hair colour - what's it like?

The future of anti-ageing - AMWC 2018

Skincare review: why DCL is a bit contrary

My 10ml-of-filler liquid facelift

Spa review: Palazzo Versace, Dubai

Making my bad back stronger

Skincare: my 'normal' regime vs my recent pared-back regime

The truth about Ultherapy: treatment review

Exercise: what I do (and what works)

Spa Review: The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel

Bali Spa Tour 3 - Four Seasons Sayan

The supermarket shampoo that rebuilds your hair

Bali spa tour - 2: Kokomo Gili Gede

Autumn Skin Savers: Beauty Box Offer

Skincare review: Dr David Jack's 'Integrative Beauty'

Bali spa tour - 1: the Oberoi

Treatment review: armpit Botox (and why I love it)

Spa review: Rudding Park

The Ultimate Pore-Cleanser Treatment - which includes Botox

Quick review: 'the Happy Lamp'

Can you afford NOT to wear sunscreen?

The drunken pedicure! (aka the easiest pedi ever)

Facegym's fab face workout

Six broken Fitbits later...

Me and my Shelfie

The facts about Botox (and about how much of it I've had)

10 best hand creams

A pillow for better beauty sleep?

Beauty guru: Michelle Doherty of Alpha-H

Eyebrow enhancement - with microblading

Botox v 'Botox creams': half-face test

The White Company/ Deciem skincare

Beauty guru: Paula Begoun

Trying the Silke hair wrap

Cycling in an infrared sauna, anyone?

Luscious lips, Olay Skin Advisor and Alpha-H glycolic wipes

The smartphone-controlled face mask

Proskins, the hair regime, spring make-up and Zerofat

Mesotherapy at Medicetics

Spray on sunscreen, double cleansing + high tech beauty

This week I have been...

Three great glycolic body creams

Positive ageing, not 'anti'-ageing

Beauty Guru: Dr Stefanie Williams

Prai Ageless Throat & Decolletage cream - review

Beauty guru: three best make-up tips from Wende Zomnir of Urban Decay

UK Blog Awards - calling all beauty bloggers...

Beauty guru of the week: Sali Hughes

Tried and trusted travel companions

Beauty guru of the week: Marcia Kilgore

Beauty guru of the week: Sharon McGlinchey of MV Organic Skincare

Handbag hero: CB12 Boost fresh breath gum

Kodobio: natural mood-boosting treatment

Beauty guru of the week: Dr Sam Bunting

Review of CACI's new Synergy facial treatment

Beauty guru of the week: Brandon Truaxe of Deciem

Yes, 'beauty pills' for the skin can work: Nourella

Beauty guru of the week: Debbie Bhowmik, hair colourist

A wrinkle-shrinking eye cream that really works: My Perfect Eyes

Beauty guru of the week: Noella Gabriel of Elemis

Share the Light: Marie Claire/ L'Occitane candle

Beauty guru of the week: Teresa Tarmey

New brand: Rossi Uvema

Beauty guru of the week: Anabel Kingsley


Beauty guru of the week: Dr Jane Leonard

New skincare wonder-worker: r-Retinoate

Micro-needling like Glynis Barber - would you? Should you?

Holiday pedicure: the easy way out

Holiday sunscreen - three current favourites

Ear plugs that beat tooth grinding? Yes, really

New brand: Creative Energy Candles


Byredo's addictive new fragrance


EYEBROW-RAISING (or, would YOU try the 'Dracula facial' treatment on your eyebrows?



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